blogbury in china, part 4


  • It’s been raining a decent amount the past few days; every time it cuts smog levels in half within an hour and keeps them there for the better part of the day.
  • The Chaoyang theater trip was with the whole program on Wednesday night; the Yuanmingyuan trip was with some classmates after lunch on Thursday.
  • I had hotpot for the first time Wednesday afternoon; there’s a bowl or two of very flavorful soup boiling in the middle of your table and you drop raw meat, vegetables, and noodles in them, wait a while, then fish them out.  I’m not sure how to describe the result; you get a consistency and flavor that you can’t really get any other way and it’s excellent. Hotpot is extremely popular here; some people have been three or four times in the five days we’ve been at Beida.
  • The internet continues to defy our attempts at explanation; yesterday morning the active theory was that we only had internet for July because the previous occupants of our rooms had paid for it, and the shutoff the previous night had been permanent – but then we got service back that afternoon. Now people are saying that we don’t need to pay for international access unless we want campus wifi because our hotel is meant for international students; this still wouldn’t explain quite how intermittent the connection is unless that’s just a technical issue.
  • The cafeterias here have a huge selection, though it’s more or less the same every day. Each building has several independently-labeled counters with their own lines (never more than five or ten minutes long), each of which has five or ten dishes. It costs about 10 yuan, or $1.50, a meal, and there are giant watermelon slices for 1 yuan each (though they didn’t have them today).
  • Today we looked around in the Beida athletic center, which hosted several events at the 2008 Olympics (most famously ping-pong).
  • At any given bus station, at least five buses arrive and leave every minute (a bus ride to anywhere in Beijing costs 4 mao, or about 7 cents, with an Yikatong smart card)

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2 Responses to blogbury in china, part 4

  1. Jennifer says:

    HOT POT ;w;

  2. Katherine Lee says:

    If you get a chance, go to 海底捞. We had it the last time I was there and it was fantastic (a little pricier than most places though).

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