blogbury in china, part 1

okay, let’s see if this works.

Quick notes that aren’t clear from the pictures:

  • On our descent into Beijing, the ground didn’t become visible until below 100 meters of altitude; we arrived to the worst pollution in at least a week and visibility was worse than even I expected.
  • After checking into the dorm at Beida (which is really more of a hotel in the way it’s run) four of us were still a little hungry (the two meals on the plane were edible and vaguely Chinese but not particularly good or filling) so we walked to a little shopping center/food court a block outside the university gate and picked a restaurant that looked clean and reasonably popular.  We couldn’t read the name (something like China First House of Whole Fish Boiled in Soup, it turns out), so we didn’t know until we got inside that it sold exclusively…boiled whole fish.  Not a single waiter spoke a single word of English (seriously), and the boiled whole catfish (forgot to get a picture) was actually pretty good: success.

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One Response to blogbury in china, part 1

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m amused at your restaurant choice. Also, Beijing is scarily polluted… Nanjing is not nearly this bad imo.

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